Our Story

We are firm believers that false eyelashes are single-handedly the most transformative product for any woman. Inspired by the renaissance of quality and hand-made goods, we became increasingly critical and frustrated with the false eyelashes available on the market.

Existing strip lashes were uncomfortable and unnatural, and sold at an undeserving premium. Lacklustre and disposable, we felt there was a void, waiting to be filled by something better. So we set out to create  The ESQIDO Classic Collection; fine mink eyelashes of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

Our lashes are custom designed and handcrafted to exacting standards for the most discerning clientele. From the sultry Victoria's Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel, to the fiery R&B superstar Rihanna, our lashes have humbly adorned the eyes of the most influential celebrities and trendsetters.

Beyond the limelight, our lashes have been dubbed the crémé de la crémé by professional makeup artists and beauty experts around the world, and they've helped transform the beautiful faces of countless models and brides. It's become a staple finishing touch for their work, a kind of sign off; the signature to their masterpiece.

The ESQIDO lash collection is a bespoke experience, and it's redefining the very definition of false eyelashes. A true rose-gold standard.

We cordially invite you to experience the pinnacle of beauty; the most gorgeous and confident you.

ESQIDO - The signature to your masterpiece.